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Our Company was established on the foundation of experience and prudence with full commitments in delivering the electrical engineering projects and services entrusted to us.


Time to change the global warming & ozone depleting refrigerant gas (CFC, HCFC, or HFC) to Environmental Friendly Hydrocarbon refrigerant gas (HC). Stop ozone depleting and reduce global warming. NO retrofitting or modification on your air conditioning system required. HC is designed as direct replacement .

Hydrocarbon Referigerant Gas (Environmently Friendly Refrigerant)

  • Environmental Friendly Refrigerant Gas (UN Montreal Protocol & Kyoto Protocol Compliance) 
  • Direct Replacement towards CFC/HCFC/HFC Refrigerant Gas 
  • Energy Saving up to 30% 
  • Enhance Performance & Life Span of Air Conditioner System

T5 Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Lamp

  • 25Watt, 2350 Lumens, 20,000 hours life span 
  • Easy Replacement 
  • Electronic Ballast Base

FM3600-410A( Commercial Recovery Machine )

  • Faster than competitive units 
  •  Designed specifically for R-410A 
  • 550 PSI high pressure cut-off, high pressure gauges 
  • Proprietary high-performance compressor 
  • Small and lightweight for easy operation
  • Evacuation complete shut-off

Manual Balance Refrigerant Leak Detector

  • The H-10G detects all CFC, HFC and HCFC Refrigerants 
  • Manual zero balance control 
  • Unique sensor balance system 
  • Pinpoints both small and large leaks 
  • AC powered 
  • Switchable sensitivity 
  • 25 years of proven experience 
  • Certified to SAEJ1627 
  • CE Mark

Halogen Gas Monitor Single Zone

  • Capable of detecting 30 of the most commonly used refrigerants and halogen gases 
  • Measure all gases up to 10,000 ppm with a sensitivity of 1 ppm 
  • Monitors a single zone located up to 50 feet from unit
  • Logging feature enables 200 gas readings to be stored 
  • Three gas alarm levels that can be individually set

Charging Scale-CS100

  • Auto zero 
  • Tethered display with flip-up stand 
  • Adjustable leveling feet with built-in level indicator 
  • Handles a wide range of both standard and recovery cylinders up to 330 lbs (150 kg)


The FM3700 is designed for use in commercial refrigerant recovery applications. The 3700's industrial strength, one horsepower, twin piston compressor enables the unit to recover refrigerant vapor at up to 4 pounds per minute and liquid up to 8 pounds per minute, directly through the compressor.

Smoke Tester

  • Internationally recognized standard for evaluating smoke density
  • Takes accurate smoke readings in less than a minute

ECA 450

  • Combustion, Environmental & Emissions Analyzer
  • Conducts accurate combustion and emissions tests that will help you
  • Meet environmental regulations